The Hash House
At HHF AGM held 28 June 2013 plans for the Recreation of the Hash House were endorsed. Download your copy of this exciting Preliminary Design.

Work has now started in eanest to build this recreation as a tangible symbol of the origins of the Hash movement on an acre of land with 99 years lease from the Malaysian Government located in the Kuala Lumpur City.

The story so far...

The cleared ‘entrance’ which will enable visitors to walk through light brushed area leading to the site of The Hash House

Road to the Hash House

The journey is long, and we have definitely started thanks to those who have been supportive thus far.

The land conversion which we have been reporting about, is now complete. The land officially belong to us now.

In a recent announcement by the government to create a permanent green lung in the form of the Greater Kiara Park, Kuala Lumpur, we have completed a land swap with the government for a site just next to the previous one (literally next door!). This is to allow the authorities to consolidate the area and enlarge the above mentioned park.

Our site has now been moved to the next lot which according to our plans, is better located in terms of topography as well as being 10% larger in area which totals 47,000 sq feet. In close vicinity, there are established facilities in the form of an equestrian centre, two 27- hole golf courses as well as other sports facilities.

Whilst waiting for our funds to accumulate in order to rebuild our Hash House, we have also obtained approval from the Authorities to take possession of the site for land clearing. Once completed, we will put up a temporary Hash House for immediate use by hashers. This “HASH HOUSE version 1″ is a beginning and will host a mini Hash Museum as well as the much waited Hash Genealogy.

There will be a sheltered area to protect from elements as well as clearance to host a circle for about 200 hashers.

Do contact us if you are planning to visit the site.


To provide better marked areas as well as a path for hashers or even visitors when enjoying the lush greenery in our immediate vicinity, we will be marking a walking and hashing trail. The trail will take vistors through the park and is known to offer some challenges for those in need of it.

As for the final version of the HASH HOUSE, We expect to build it in three years and target funds to come from at least three sources:
  1. The Hashers worldwide through the membership to the Hash House
  2. Hash Chapters
  3. Corporate and other sponsorship
We will have to build a mountain from this mole hill! The finishing line is not insight yet, but we have certainly crossed the start. Everything is in place, even the permission to make early use of the land. And to achieve our objective, we need the funds!

See how you can be a part of this historical project to rebuild the Home of the Hash

The Hash House: WIP
All you need to know about Work In Progress of The Hash House
  1. Do come and visit the site...
    Located at N: 03 08.609 E 101 37.990 (Google Earth Coordinates are only approximates)
  2. Some images of early work clearing the site:

The video outlines the objectives of rebuilding the Hash House: