Patrons and Members Partners FAQ's

The Hash House is designed for the benefit of worldwide Hashers (past and present), so that full access to its facilities will be by way of membership. It is our principal objective to reconstruct the Hash House as a tangible symbol of the origin of the Hash movement and as a resource for the enjoyment of Hashers worldwide.

All membership payments, along with corporate sponsorship, donations by individuals and Hash chapters will be utilised for the reconstruction of the Hash House.

Taking up membership of the Hash House can be your way of contributing and becoming part of the ongoing history of The Hash House Harriers and the Hash House, the “ Home of the Hash”. Or give membership as a gift. It will make an excellent long term gift for any hasher

Past and present Hashers from Hash Chapters worldwide are invited to help us rebuild the Hash House by becoming a member. Ordinary membership starts from MYR350, while those who are willing to donate more can apply to become a Patron Life Member and receive appropriate permanent recognition in the Hash House.

Membership application
All hash chapters are welcome to donate or pledge to raise funds for the rebuilding of The Hash House. You can start off with a small amount and pay the balance later.

Hash chapters can become a Hash House Partner by simply making a donation which will be appropriately recognized at four levels relative to the donation amount. Hash Chapters can make pledges as an interim stage, however recognition will only be given when amount pledged is paid.

Partnership application