Genealogy of the Hash House Harriers
Hash Chapter genealogy records are grouped by country. Click on the country in the listing below

Algeria Gambia Nigeria
Angola Ghana Rwanda
Benin Ivory Coast Senegal
Botswana Kenya Seychelles
Burkina Faso Lesotho Sierra Leone
Burundi Libya Somalia
Cameroon Madagascar South Africa
Central African Republic Malawi Sudan
Chad Mali Swaziland
Congo Mauritania Tanzania
Democratic Republic of the Congo Mauritius Togo
Egypt Morocco Tunisia
Equatorial Guinea Mozambique Uganda
Eritrea Namibia Zambia
Ethiopia Niger Zimbabwe

Advanced Search Options offers alternative methods for searching the database and to generate Genealogy Presentations

NOTE! Entering the following URL in your browser's address bar: www.thehashhouse.org/genealogy/"country" where "country" is western name in lower case and without any spaces, will give the country Genealogy Presentation directly.
As with presentations generated by selecting the country name above, the URL can be bookmarked for future reference.