Hash Regions are loosely defined so as to utilise a network of Regional Hash Websites that offer a series of on-line Hash Directories covering the entire hashing world. Regional Hash Websites are maintained by Hashers who actively hash in the various hash regions. A date when information was last updated for individual hash chapter/club is generally shown to give some indication of hash information credibility and hopefully avoids the the large volumes of erroneous hash information offered when using Search Engines on Internet. Click here for the lastest listing.

At each Interhash a consolidated World Hash Dirfectory is produced using information provided by the various Regional Hash websites. Click here for the latest publication: SARAWAK RAINFOREST INTERHASH 2010 WORLD HASH DIRECTORY.

If you are seeking information about a hash chapter in a specific region check out the relevant Regional Hash Website as well as the World Hash Directory as the presentation of information may vary. If you can provided an update for information published on a particular Regional Hash Website please advise the relevant Regional Hash Website directly. The first point of contact should be your Regional Hash Website as listed below but if you experience difficulties email hashdirectories@thehashhouse.org