Records of Hash House Harrier activities before World War 2 do not exist. "Trail to Kuala Lumpur" from Tim "Magic" Hughes' publication "On On! Hash House Harriers, A Golden Jubilee" very much sets the social scene of the times as a background to the birth of the Hash House Harriers.
Some details are discussed in Chee Cheng ('Fuch') FU's 1981 Interview with Cecil Lee, who was Joint Master Hash House Harriers 1938-1940, 1946-1947, 1950-1951

Further interesting information can be viewed in a short film produced in 1992 by Tony Morias and Peter M. Jones which featured both Wanchai H3 (Hong Kong) and Petaling H3 (Malaysia). The late John Duncan narrates some interesting anecdotes from the comfort of the "Long Bar" at the Royal Selangor Club.

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